See how the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs' "all you can meet" policy is politicizing the regulatory process for yourself, with CPR's "Behind Closed Doors" database. Here's how to see which special interests are lobbying the White House on which regulations:

  1. In the "Search Options" section, make selections for any (or all three) options, entering a keyword related to a particular regulation (coal, for example), choosing a specific meeting participant, and/or selecting an agency.
  2. In the "Display Options" section, add any specific categories to the display. (You'll always see Rule Name, the Agency, and Meeting Date, and you'll get a link to details about the meeting on OIRA's website.) If you want to see the complete list of outside participants at a particular meeting, be sure to select the "Outside Parties at Mtg?" option. (This list does not include representatives from OMB, OIRA, or the issuing agency.)
  3. Click "Search Records."

This database includes records of all OIRA meetings between October 16, 2001 and June 1, 2011, that were posted on OIRA's website as of June 8, 2011.

Search options:


Display options:

Meeting Topic: No Yes

Stage of Review: No Yes

Econ. Significant: No Yes

OIRA Changed Rule? No Yes

Date to OIRA: No Yes

Date OIRA Finished: No Yes

OIRS's Legal Deadline: No Yes

Days Btw. Mtg/Finish: No Yes

Mtg Before Revw? No Yes

Total Days In Rev: No Yes

Review Extended: No Yes

Meeting Participants

Outside Parties at Mtg? No Yes

# of Local Govt Reps: No Yes

# of State Govt Reps: No Yes

# of Other Fed Agencies: No Yes

# of Cong Staff: No Yes

# of Foreign Govt/Intl Orgs: No Yes

# of Higher Ed: No Yes

# of White House: No Yes