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Robert L. Fischman

Robert L. Fischman is a Professor of Law, Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow, and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs (adjunct) at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law-Bloomington.

Professor Fischman is a distinguished scholar whose articles have won recognition as among the most influential in environmental law. He is a co-author of the leading casebook on public land and resources law. His book on management of the National Wildlife Refuge System has become the standard reference in the field. He has written on public land management, endangered species recovery, environmental impact analysis, federalism, and global climate change.

At Indiana University School of Law, Fischman teaches environmental law, administrative law, public natural resources law, water law, wildlife law, and an advanced environmental seminar. As an adjunct professor at the university’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, he teaches a capstone seminar and a course on biodiversity conservation policy. Professor Fischman has received numerous faculty fellowships from Indiana University.

Prior to joining the Indiana University School of Law–Bloomington faculty in 1992, he taught at the University of Wyoming College of Law. Before that he served as Natural Resources Program Director and Staff Attorney at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C. He has taught as a visiting professor in the environmental law programs of both the Vermont Law School and the Lewis and Clark School of Law. Professor Fischman also spent a year as a senior research scholar at Yale Law School.

Professor Fischman has published a number of articles on environmental law and natural resources law, with articles published in the Indiana Law Journal, the University of Colorado Law Review, the Stanford Environmental Law Journal and the William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review.

Professor Fischman is a founding board member of the Conservation Law Center, Inc., which operates the Indiana Unviersity School of Law--Bloomington conservation law clinic.

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