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Looking for Expert Analysis or Commentary for a Media Story? 

CPR's 50-plus Member Scholars are experts in a range of environmental, health and safety issues, as well as on matters of regulatory process. They're also experienced media spokespeople, available for comment.

Members of the media are invited to use the Find-a-CPR-Expert Database to identify Member Scholars who may be available to provide analysis and commentary for news stories and interview segments.


Articles and Books by CPR Member Scholars

Check out some of the articles and books by Center for Progressive Reform Member Scholars.

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The CPR Perspectives Series

The Center for Progressive Reform's Perspectives Series is a set of monographs by CPR scholars on timely and important health, safety and environmental issues. Each includes a thumbnail sketch of the issue, and a proposed approach to the issue.

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CPR Member Scholars

CPR's 50-plus Member Scholars are working professors at institutions of higher learning across the nation. They volunteer their time to the organization without compensation in order to advance a shared set of values around protection of health, safety and the environment. Read their bios and find their contact information.

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Using the Database

The database is organized by issue area and by name.

  • Search by Issue for a listing of issue areas, then click on the issue area(s) relevant to your story, then choose a scholar or scholars, and follow the link to their biography and contact information.

Feel free to CPR's media office instead, particularly if you' re on deadline or otherwise in a hurry. Contact us by email or by phone at 202.747.0698.

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